All Who Are Anxious

Snapchat-20140915075940When I see other people I know succeed and complete a dream or goal, I get anxious. I look at my life and how I’m at a similar point in my life as well yet here I am still attempting to finish up my college career. What am I doing wrong? Why am I not at the same mark as them and making millions already? Saying I wasn’t jealous would be a lie at this point. Yet, I realize that I still am at a young age. Yes, other known acquaintances have made it in life and are doing great. Good for them. They put in time to accomplish things. I put in a few hours and say I’ll wrap it up tomorrow. It doesn’t matte how old you are. You can accomplish anything and make a name for yourself in this world. Especially with the power of the world wide web and technology, the doors are endless. They are just waiting for the right person with the right goals to open them. If you are anxious about your future, good. You care about your life. Now do something to get rid of that anxiety. Work like never before and picture you succeeding. Picture what you want, and in time, you will get there.


All Who Are Reminiscing

  I’ll never forget the time when I was visiting my home country about 15 years ago. It was late at night and there was 10 of us that needed a ride home. We waited and waited and finally one guy in a taxi came along and said he’ll take all 10 of us home. Bless his heart. My brother, my cousin, and me were all In the front passenger seat and we listened to his stories about how he used to live in California. He spoke English. What are the chances that we run into a guy that used to live in the same state as us in a different country? Although I can’t remember all his stories, There was one thing he said that I’ll never forget. It was a little riddle that went like this: “When I was a little toddler boy my father said to me, don’t play with girls because girls are dangerous.” We laughed. I never really looked into it because I was a little boy at the time, but I thought it was funny. Now that I look back at it, he was 1000% right, girls are more than dangerous. They’ll tear you into itty bitty pieces. 

All Who Are 2 Steps Ahead

In today’s world, it is impossible to get where you want without being two steps ahead of everyone else. Every situation you’re in, you have to think smart and Think outside the box. There is no time for lousy and careless mistakes. These type of mistakes will just put you back where you started. Honest mistakes on the other hand are okay, because you can learn from them and move on. Careless mistakes will only make you suffer. We’ve all had that math test where we pressed the wrong button on the calculator which resulted in the wrong answer which resulted in losing a couple of points which resulted in a dropped letter grade. Those are the lousy mistakes that you will hate yourself for. Life is like Chess. You have to know what your opponent is thinking before he thinks it, and then destroy him with it. For All Who Aren’t 2 steps ahead, think about this next time you’re in a situation. Make a decision that will put you far ahead of where everyone else is at. You’ll love it. 

All Who Are Willing 

  “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

-Mark West 
I always saw this quote but I never paid much attention to it. I assumed life was basically going to school, getting a diploma. Going to school, getting a bachelors. Going to school, getting a masters. Finding a job, and working 9-5 for the rest of my life. I was totally wrong and it wasn’t until I realized that the idea of “life” was totally twisted. It shouldn’t be so systematic and boring. If you are willing to make your life extraordinary and different, you will truly learn the definition of Life. The real definition is much different yet way more rewarding than what you see in the dictionary. Don’t let the world define you, define the world instead. Make decisions today that will make tomorrow a better day. All Who Are Willing to take the road less traveled, raise your glass because this is just the beginning. 

All Who Are Missing Someone


The only bad thing about memories is that when the person who is involved has moved on from your life, whether it be a breakup or death, the memories hit harder and certain feelings burst within you. Time is supposed to be like medicine and heal as more time passes. Yet, here, in these situations, time only makes the memories more clearer. I miss certain people in my life. I regret not spending more time with certain people or making mistakes with others. But, I live to see another sun rise and sun set. I am alive to meet others and be a blessing to their life and also have them being a blessing in my life. It’s not bad at all to miss someone and sometimes the best thing to do is let it out. It’s so easy to say “celebrate their life rather than their death”, yet so hard to actually celebrate. How can you be happy when you won’t ever be with them again? In these moments, I think about the memories: The laughs, the arguments, the adventures, and the relationship we had. On this earth, it’s sad to see someone leave you and no longer have your back. However, it’s uplifting to know their watching you from above. I don’t believe in luck, but I do believe in angels up above. Today, if you’re missing someone, look up at the sky and beauty of the Earth. Reminiscence and Smile at the memories. Laugh at the moments. Just remember, they’re looking down at you. Smile and you might just see theirs as well

All Who Are Sad


Everyday is a knew opportunity to better yourself and enjoy your life. Too many people  spend days, weeks, and even months mourning on something they can’t change. The first step from turning that frown upside down is recognizing why you are sad. Did you get dumped? Did you fail a class? Once you have recognized the problem, you need to work out ways in order to turn that problem into something that can help you. Find out why that relationship didn’t work and build on it. Figure out why you failed the class and what you can do to get an A next time. There’s not enough time in your life to mourn on something that doesn’t matter anymore. In accounting, we call that a sunk cost. A Sunk Cost is a historical cost that cannot be changed and is irrelevant. What you can do though is learn from it. I’ve made my own mistakes but I don’t sit around a cry about it. Instead, I do something about it. If I fail a test, I study twice as hard to make sure I ace the next one. If you’re sad about a loss in your family, which we all have incurred, the best thing you can do is remember the positive affect they had in this world and that they are in a better place now. Instead of mourning a loss, celebrate a life. I never understood funerals. They could’ve so easily been celebrations to celebrate the great life someone had, not to cry that they are gone. So for All Who Are Sad, it gets better but you have to take the first step. 

All Who Are Content

Snapchat-20140901061044Being content with your own life is probably one of the most criticized moments in one’s life. People always over use the phrase “There’s always something you can improve about yourself.” I sort of realized that we always use such negativity to try and create a more positive look or situation about someone. Why is there no level when someone can have improved what they wanted and just enjoy life? Many people care what others think and are sucked into worldly statements and ideals. Then, their line of thought turns from being satisfied to “what else do I need to fix about myself.” Trust yourself and believe who you are. Trust is what leads to contentment in one’s life. It doesn’t matter what other’s think. As long as you trust that you have lived life to the fullest and are the person you wanted and continue to want to be, then it’s 110% okay to be content with who you are and your life. And if you aren’t content with your life, maybe you are right and go you, carpe diem. But just remember, you may have already seized the day by the acts of yesterday. All those who are content or wanting to be content, enjoy a beautiful summer day

All Who Are Searching For Love

Snapchat-4417148067522963787Love is so rare these. It seems as if social networking has turned love into an embarrassment. When I say embarrassment, guys or girls are too scared too compliment and express how they feel to someone because it may seem they look “thirsty or “creepy”. Love is also rare because we live in a time where hook ups are more popular and commitments are feared. Being committed is something many of us won’t go into because there is a fear of being a disappointed and getting your heart broken as well. In light of the historic moment yesterday, those who are still against gay marriage may just honestly be saddened that they have yet to find love. Yet, everyone else around them is and thus, they decide to just hate on a certain group and label it as not right. I’ve learned that if you are just yourself, patient, and genuine, you will find someone and grow with them. It’ll take time but when do you strike love, you’ve found and created something even a genie can’t answer to. Whenever the sun sets and a beautiful sky is seen, I just know that the soulmate of my life is looking up at this too and one day, we’ll run into each other. So to all who are searching for love, be patient my friends.

All Who Are Gay 

  Today, June 26, 2015, is a historical and important day in this country. Whether you are gay or not, you have to be happy to see what our country has finally accomplished. We live in a country that promotes freedom, and yet didnt allow people to marry whoever they want. For same sex marriage to finally be legalized in all 50 States, shows that our country is really moving in the right direction. I want to congratulate all the gay couples out there who can finally marry the love of their life without being treated differently. Years and years ago, gay people were treated very badly and looked down upon but now we have reached a point in time where we can finally say that those times are behind us. To All Who Are Gay, June 26th, 2015, is a day nobody will ever forget.